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  Agrippina - Hampstead Garden Opera at the Jacksons Lane Theatre

"And one after the other, HGO's arias were wonderful. Not least, for the Empress herself (...) The more explosive - probably her best known is 'Pensieri, voi mi tormentate' - were sensational in the hands of Belgian soprano Astrid Joos: there was such maturity to her presence, such authority in the characterisation, such power in the voice, she was - perhaps above all in these two galvanising 'storm and tempest' arias - frankly dazzling every time she took the stage. (...) She's no shrinking violet, but a fireball. Magnificent savagery - a glorious, fearsome performer."
Roderic Dunnett / Classical Music Daily          
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"Astrid Joos, a Belgian soprano with a flexible and agile voice, plays the gift role of this wolverine-mum with all the hand-rubbing joy you'd expect, effortlessly leveraging everyone's weaknesses."

       Robert Thickness / The Critic
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    Le Nozze di Figaro - Hampstead Garden Opera at the Jacksons Lane Theatre

"There was one role that stood out above all others though: and it’s the role that normally gets a token reference in reviews for the so-called ‘pin aria’. And yet Flemish soprano Astrid Joos elevated this role considerably. She has real stage presence as well as a lovely, clear voice and the ability to meld into a large company. This was a notably feisty Barbarina. I look forward to seeing how this singer develops."

        Colin Clarke / Seen and Heard International

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          L'Egisto - Cavalli - Hampstead Garden Opera at the Cockpit Theatre

 "To make it so, of course, requires not only sensitive continuo realisation but also sensitive — and dramatic —  vocal artistry. Here a number of singers excelled, showing considerable stage gifts too. (...) Astrid Joos as  Climene and Caroline Taylor as Clori offered complement and contrast in their soprano roles, expression lying  very much within the precision of their performances."

     Mark Berry / Seen and Heard International

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